our dermalogica journey

Dermalogica South Africa has a very special and unique history, one that is centred on the passion and vision of Dermalogica worldwide… to provide the professional skin care therapist with innovative skin care products and superb education.

Dermalogica South Africa was started in 1994 by Lee and Andy Hardie. Cherie Ten Hope - now the Chairperson of Dermalogica South Africa - joined the team a year later and formed an integral part of the Dermalogica journey.

Cherie started working for the company as a 19-year-old and progressed through the company from Sales to Education to General Management, and finally, to Managing Director. She was one of Demalogica South Africa’s first staff members and arrived at work on her first day in a red Mini that leaked so much oil, she was banned from using the driveway.

As a young, new graduate she was wet behind the ears, with the passion to make her Dermalogica journey a phenomenal success. In 2007, Dermalogica South Africa was purchased by the very caring hands of CAVI Brands and Cherie Ten Hope. Remaining true to the core philosophy and culture of the Dermalogica brand, the current management team eat, breathe and sleep this ethos. Together, the team is taking the brand to extraordinary heights. 

Today we have over 100 staff members, with Teresa Mordoh as the standing CEO of the business, in three regional offices and training schools, over 650 accounts and a brand that we are extremely proud and passionate about. One thing will always remain constant – we love Dermalogica and we believe that this brand changes skin and…changes lives.

We continue to develop and evolve, making it just as exciting as it was 20 years ago but, we will always remain true to our core philosophy – to EDUCATE skin care therapists and people about proper skin care. We are the number one professional skin care brand, a brand of innovation and, we strive to lead the professional skin care industry into the future. The best reward for us, which makes all the hard work completely worth it, is when people acknowledge the importance of great skin care with a sparkle in their eye.  We often hear “I LOVE Dermalogica!” This is the real reason we do what we do with such passion.